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People always wonder why their clothes do not last long, are faded or just don’t smell right after a wash. The answer is that they have not tried Funktion Laundry, our laundry services is second to none with a great customer based policy of free pickups and deliveries, also grab one of our vouchers to get a discount on your laundry.

Carpet cleaning

Not only is carpet cleaning more aesthetically appealing but beneficial for your health. Don’t let those stains, foot traffic, and odors linger on the carpet floor. Contact Funktion Solutions today to get a free quote. As always, at F S we ensured to provide efficient and quality work at a low cost. They will have your carpet looking spotless and ready for use as soon as possible.


We have the electricians and the tools to fix your electrical problem no matter where you are located in Riverside, Orange, and San Bernardino Counties and throughout Southern California. Schedule an appointment online with RighTime Home Services or give us a call at (951) 643-4041 and receive $35 off any repair!


Get all your bedding smell clean and fresh to guarantee you a good night sleep. No more colds, skin infections and embarrassment when you have a guest over at your place. We do large scale for hotels, hospitals and other lodging institutions at exclusive rate which are the most competitive on the market.