Our Services

Waste Management

Domestic waste

Get your waste handled by Funktion Solutions to keep your house free of insects and rodents. Regular trash pickups can be scheduled to keep the house smelling clean and trash free. Let us help you get rid of the clutter and bring a whole new clean environment to your home.

Office waste

Corporate institutions demand a reliable company to deliver to their needs frequently and also in a secure manner. Proper disposal of sensitive documents is a requirement hence Funktion Solutions guarantees safety disposal of documents and other office waste.

Kitchen waste

Restaurant cleaning services for the budget conscious eatery – set up a custom routine restaurant cleaning schedule for your restaurant cleaning needs.

Industrial waste

Disposal of toxic waste, left overs and general industrial waste is one of the services we provide. Our demand for high safety standards and ensuring that worker have suitable environment is what drives our work delivery.

Medical waste

Medical waste disposal is a delicate matter. Careless handling can cause biohazards and lead to spread in diseases and infections. Funktion Solutions presents all hospitals with a valid option of affordability and efficient disposal of all medical waste from used syringes to tubes and other contaminated materials. We provide disposal boxes to medical facilities to ensure that medical waste is disposed safely and there will be no re-use.